Suicide Squad Katana Adult Costume Review (Rubies Costumes)

Suicide Squad Katana Adult Costume
What It Is
Transform into expert swordswoman and member of the Suicide Squad with the Suicide Squad Katana Adult Costume. This costume consists of two pieces: a jacket with attached shirt and a mask. The plastic white mask features a circular red symbol on the front and two grey slash marks over one eye. The mask secures around the wearer's head with an elastic band that has a Velcro closure. The jacket with attached shirt is made from polyester and easily slips over the wearer's head. The shirt itself is white with light grey lines running across it, while the black jacket moto-style jacket has lots of printed details, including a zipper, flowers, an armband, and a red ribbon design on the back.
Is It Fun?
Female fans of Katana from Suicide Squad will really like dressing up as the character for Halloween. This costume is very easy to wear and comfortable, too, and it surprisingly doesn't fit the mold of the traditional sexy female Halloween costume, which a lot of women will like. Instead, it really bases its look on the look of the character as seen in the movie so that Suicide Squad fans can really embody the character, whether they're accompanying a child to go trick-or-treating or they are dressing up for a Halloween costume party.
Who It’s For
The Suicide Squad Katana Adult Costume is for adult fans of the movie Suicide Squad. The costume comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Female fans of the character will really like dressing up as Katana for Halloween, whether accompanying a child to go trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween costume party.
What To Be Aware Of

Even though you can see through the mask, you'll probably still want to be careful walking while wearing it.

This costume only includes a mask and a shirt. You'll need to complete the outfit by providing your own pants.

A Suicide Squad Katana Adult Wig is also available and sold separately to complete the look.

  • Quality

  • Comfort

  • Ease of Dressing