Weebles Wonder Club Treehouse Review (Jazwares)

Weebles Wonder Club Treehouse
What It Is
The Weebles Wonder Club Treehouse from Jazwares is a great playset with lots of activities, friends, and silly sounds. Two Weeble friends are included. Slide the ladybug to watch the lookout nest spin. Go across the wobbly bridge to drop through the trap door tree. When you drop down to the merry-go-round, press the cute Weebles squirrel for silly sounds and whirling, turning fun. A slide, second trap door, and a swing are all part of this fun playset. 
Is It Fun?
There are many fun, interactive elements to this Weebles playset. Two trap doors will drop Willie Weeble and his puppy down to fun areas for more environment pieces for you to play with. One will send your Weeble to a merry-go-round, while the other will plop your Weeble into a tire swing that you can push back and forth for a rocking good time. To get the merry-go-round spinning and activate the trap doors, simply press down on the bug and animals to send the Weebles to some fun activities, complete with cute sound effects. If you'd rather your Weeble do some exploring without a mess, teeter them across the bridge and scoot them down the slide as you watch them weeble,wobble, but never fall down.
Who It’s For
This playset is perfect for little hands. Kids, ages 2 and up, will enjoy getting into the storytelling roleplay while also working on motor skills as they move the Weebles throughout the playset. With bright colors and fun sounds, this playset is sure to engage kids and also encourage them to explore. Parents will also feel a bit nostalgic as their favorite teetering preschool toys are still going strong after all these years.
What To Be Aware Of
The Weebles roll around without ever toppling over. This playset includes the playset structure, Willie Weeble, and puppy. Additional figures are available and sold separately. The playset structure includes a slide, tire swing, two trap doors, bridge, and a merry-go-round. The Weebles Wonder Club Treehouse requires two AA batteries, which are not included. 
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    2 AA batteries required