Charm U Review (Cepia )

Charm U
What It Is

Collect and wear the characters from this new world which are totally charming. Part of the series one collection comes the nine-piece Charm U Starter Set. This playset features eight characters that are visible in package along with one other character, which is hidden inside the included backpack storage container. There are different themed packs you can collect including: the Charm U Starter Pet Set, Charm U Starter Princess Set, Charm U Starter Beach Set, and Charm U Starter Food Set. Open it up to reveal which character you get to add to your collection. Each set also comes with a Charm U collectors guide so you can keep track of all your characters, which range in collectability from Crystal Clear Editions to Glitter Editions to Rare. Use the included sticker sheets to mark off which Charm U charms you've got. 

Or show off all the characters you've got by attaching them to the included charm bracelet. Each Charm U character features a little clasp, which can be attached to the included link chain charm bracelets or, within the Schoolhouse Playset, which is sold separately.

Is It Fun?
Charm bracelets are a fun wearable, shareable way to show off your full collection of characters, but we also like how well thought out and fashionable the Charm U line is. There are a lot of other great collectible toys out there but the functionality of this line definitely makes it stand out from the pack.  

Many schools have also banned brining collectibles to school, but since the Charm U line is wearable, it makes it an acceptable way to show off your collection without breaking the rules.

Who It’s For
The nine-piece Charm U Series 1 Starter Set is for ages 4 and up from Cepia. We think this is a great starter set to get kids going on their first Charm U collections. It will especially be a big hit with kids that like charm bracelets just as much as collecting adorable little characters. 
What To Be Aware Of
The nine-piece Starter set is just one of multiple other sets in the Series 1 collection, which also includes the Charm U Schoolhouse Playset with Charm Starter Set and the 5-piece Charm U Series 1 Fashion Wearables Refill pack.

Each set features characters that range in rarity from Crystal Clear Editions to Glitter Editions to Rare. Sets also feature hidden, surprise characters in every pack.

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