Hot Wheels Fusion Factory Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Fusion Factory
What It Is

Don't settle for pre-made Hot Wheels cars. Make some of your own with the Hot Wheels Fusion Factory. Using the set's Fusion Fluid (which is really like a liquid silicone), mixers, and molds, kids can mold up to four car bodies. There are molds for a sports car and a baja truck, and two colors of the Fusion Fluid, red and blue, and each one makes two car bodies. Once molded, place the body on top of one of the four chassis and then add window and spoiler accessories. Then add your newly created vehicle to your Hot Wheels car collection. 

You attach a Fusion Fluid cartridge to the mold you want to use, and insert the mold into the Fusion Factory unit. Twist the timer and slowly pump the lever on the front until you see the Fusion Fluid in the reservoir at the top of the mold. The timer will click off in about 10 minutes. When that happens, push down the handle to release the car mold, remove the car mold, and then detach the Fusion Fluid cartridge. Use the extraction tool to help separate the two mold halves and pull out the car body. Once you remove excess material, attach the car body to the chassis using the location pins.

The front of the Fusion Factory unit has space for storing your car molds, and the vehicles you make can race on or off your Hot Wheels track, sold separately.

The included instruction booklet also has information about the science behind how Fusion Factory works. It talks about matter moving from liquid state to solid state, kind of like how the Fusion Fluid goes from being a liquid to being a solid thanks to the pressure of pumping the Fusion Factory lever. It also gives kids an at-home science experiment to conduct so that they can see how temperature turns water into ice.

Is It Fun?
Hot Wheels fans are really going to like making and customizing some of their own Hot Wheels cars with this set. And what's more, these are cars that kids can actually race on their orange Hot Wheels track with all of their other Hot Wheels cars. The process of making the car bodies is very simple and easy to do, and the finished results look good! We also like that this kit tries to bring some science into the play by explaining how the Fusion Factory really works.
Who It’s For
The Hot Wheels Fusion Factory is for ages 6 and up. Kids who like playing with and collecting Hot Wheels cars will like that they can now make some of their own Hot Wheels cars. It's easy to use and the results look really nice. Plus, these are cars that kids can race on their orange Hot Wheels track just like all their other Hot Wheels cars.
What To Be Aware Of

It took us 15 minutes to make one car body, and the instructions were easy to follow.

If any drips occur from the Fusion Fluid cartridge, quickly wipe them up with a cloth or paper towel. 

Each cartridge makes two car bodies. Hot Wheels Fusion Factory refill sets are available and sold separately for even more car body-making.

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