2016 Holiday Barbie Blue Review (Mattel)

2016 Holiday Barbie Blue
What It Is
You know the holidays are here when Holiday Barbie makes her annual debut. For 2016, there's lots of news for fans and collectors. Let's start with the overall Holiday Barbie collection. It features three gorgeous dolls. The dolls that make up the "Peace, Love, and Hope" collection have a unique packaging that showcases them in a snow globe. It's perfect for showcasing the dolls. The blonde doll that we have here is decked out in snowy glamour and a gown that features a lace-like bodice and white to blue hombre skirt.
Is It Fun?
Out of the package, the dolls add just the right touch of holiday dazzle to your decorations. The icy features add elegance to the dress while giving us that classic Holiday Barbie look. As with all Barbies, the doll is glowing with confidence in her radiant dress.  She looks fantastic in this more modern color that Mattel has chosen. The outfit shimmers and the colors complement each other well.
Who It’s For
Although recommended for ages 6 and up, this is a collector doll first so you may not want to take it out of the snow globe packaging as it's more made for display. The two-piece snowlike dress reminds us of Elsa's dress in Frozen. Older and adult Barbie fans are more likely to be the ones adding this doll to their collection, keeping it out of their children's reach. If you're buying it for your kids, make sure to remind them that this is not meant to be played with (and probably pick up an additional Barbie they can play with to remove the temptation).
What To Be Aware Of
We love that Barbie Collector has made a bit of a departure with these dolls, choosing "cool blue" as one of the statement colors to compliment the more traditional red. They are a little more understated than some holiday Barbies in recent years, but their elegance and simplicity truly makes them gorgeous and on-trend. It may be hard to choose which one of these dolls to add to your collection, or used to start a holiday tradition. Then again, you could just collect all three (sold separately). The blue 2016 Holiday Barbie is part of the "Peace, Love, and Hope" collection and features a blonde Barbie with a cool blue hombre skirt and a snow white bodice and comes in a snow globe-shaped display package.
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