Y Flyer Review (Yvolution)

Y Flyer
What It Is
The Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Scooter from Yvolution puts an innovative twist on the classic kick-off-and-cruise approach to riding a scooter with its two platform peddles. Instead, this scooter features two platforms--one for each foot--which you'll peddle to move forward. Unlike a basic single deck scooter, which you can simply push off and go on your first ride, this one requires more practice. Kind of like riding a two-wheeler for the first time, the Y Flyer requires a lot more balance. 

To get started, you'll need to kick off and peddle quickly; if you try to peddle too slowly at first, the scooter won't steady and you'll loose your balance. But once you get going simply pump your feet up and down to move forward. For older riders, the best way to describe the movement is kind of like moving on an elliptical. You'll also want to take turns pretty wide at first to help keep your balance. 

The foot plates have a good grip surface so you'll feel firmly planted and in control as you cruise. If at any time you need to come to a stop, simply pump the quick-response break on your handle bar and bring a foot to the ground to dismount. 

The scooter also features a foldable frame so it can be stored easily and folded up quickly for travel. 

Is It Fun?
Why ride a regular scooter when you get cruise on this ride-on? The Yvolution Y Flyer offers kids a fun new way to ride. It might take a bit longer for first-time riders to find their balance, but once they do we think it will become a go-to riding toy. And because it does require dexterity, coordination, and movement, it also engages the core and leg muscles to give kids a bit of a workout that keep them active. 

We also like the quick-fold feature, which makes it ideal for kids to use for travel and parents to quickly store in the car or closet.

Who It’s For
The Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Scooter is from Yvolution and it's for ages 7 and up. Scooters are great for getting kids outdoors and active, but this one takes it one step further. It's a great fit for kids that may have outgrown their basic scooter or are looking for a ride-on toy that offers more of a challenge in terms of how-to ride and balance. It may also appeal to kids that gravitate toward more sporty ride-ons.
What To Be Aware Of
As with any riding toy, you'll want to wear the appropriate safety gear all the time to prevent injuries but especially when you are first working on finding your balance. We found the scooter was easier to get moving when you start peddling with your dominate side.

It holds a maximum weight of 154 pounds. 

The product itself weighs a little more than 20 pounds.

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