LEGO Nexo Knights Clay Prestige Child Costume Review (Disguise)

LEGO Nexo Knights Clay Prestige Child Costume
What It Is
This Halloween, why not bring your favorite minifigures to life with the LEGO Nexo Knights Clay Prestige costume? This is one very cool costume that includes a top, pants, mask, pair of hands, and detachable shoulder pieces to add to the Nexo Knights character. This foam costume holds its shape and makes you look like a real-life LEGO figure. The hands look like classic LEGO minifigure hands but you can free your actual hands when grabbing candy by slipping them through the middle glove seams. The entire costume slips right over your existing clothing, making this very easy to take on and off. 
Is It Fun?
Leader of the Knights of Knighton, the Knight of Justice Clay Moorington doesn't mess around and neither does this costume. There's a colossal amount of detail in this detailed, deluxe costume, such as Clay's mask and LEGO minifigure legs. From the face to the hands to the full body features, there's no denying what you're dressed as and the costume looks as if Clay jumped from your screen and into reality. This Halloween we're sure your neighbors will get a kick out of seeing a LEGO minifigure walking down the street. 
Who It’s For
The LEGO Nexo Knights costume is available in all child sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) and made by Disguise. Kids who like the LEGO Nexo Knights TV series or who are LEGO fans will love this realistic costume. The fact that it's so realistic to a LEGO minifigure's appearance will not only make it easily recognizable, but a really fun costume to see walking down the street. For accurate sizing, be sure to visit for a size chart.
What To Be Aware Of
The LEGO Nexo Knights Clap Prestige child costume features a pair of LEGO minifigure hands that real hands can be slid through the seams to grab candy. It also features a Clay character mask, minifigure body with detachable shoulder pieces, pants, and minifigure legs. A simpler version of the costume is also available without the minifigure legs. The minifigure costume is based on the character from the LEGO Nexo Knights line of LEGO toys and animated TV show of the same name.
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