Marvel Captain America Civil War Black Widow Review (Rubies Costumes)

Marvel Captain America Civil War Black Widow
What It Is

The Marvel Captain America: Civil War Black Widow child costume includes a jumpsuit with boot tops, gauntlets, and a belt. This Halloween costume can be slipped over your lightweight clothing. It's comfortable and no fuss making it easy to take on and off. The gauntlets and boot tops are separate parts made of foam with detailed images printed on them. Kids will love roleplaying as their favorite awesome superhero while collecting their candy loot. 

Is It Fun?
Black Widow is one of the hardest hitting members of the Avengers and it's easy to see why. Kids will have a blast nabbing candy and fending off the bad guys with this butt-kicking costume. The costume is based on her Captain America: Civil War appearance and the details are really great. One of the cooler elements are the gauntlets and boot covers, which can be taken on and off the suit with ease. From the jumpsuit to the boot tops, it's pretty easy to tell who she is. If people haven't seen the movie or are unfamiliar with Black Widow and her outfit, they'll at least think she's a spy (which is not too far off from her sneaky Avengers role). 
Who It’s For
The Marvel Captain America: Civil War costume from Rubie's is available in all children's sizes and is going to be a hit among young tweens and teens (about ages 8-14). It's a great costume for Marvel fans, Black Widow fans, and girls who want a cool looking costume for Halloween. It'll be a trick-or-treat hit as well as a great party outfit. It will also be great for everyday roleplay once Halloween is over.
What To Be Aware Of
The Marvel Captain America: Civil War Black Widow costume features a cool jumpsuit, boot covers, gauntlets, and a belt. There is also an economy version available where the gauntlets and boots are printed on the fabric instead of separate foam pieces, like they are in this deluxe edition. To find the right size, take a look at the sizing chart on
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