Firetek Zyclone Review (Zing)

Firetek Zyclone
What It Is
The original Zyclone ring launcher was a personal favorite because it was both fun and elegant. With this new version, the Firetek Zyclone from Zing, you can light up the sky with your flying rings. The addition of a long-lasting LED light in the ring and on the launcher is totally cool, which means when it gets dark or when the lights go out, the fun goes on. Like the original Zyclone, this is easy to use. Just load the ring onto the handle, pull back and twist, and then let it fly. Like all Zing toys, the seemingly simplistic design is the result of savvy engineering that ensures great flights and lots of fun.
Is It Fun?
Besides illuminating the night sky, the Firetek Zyclone launches the zing rings up to 100 feet. The included ring is constructed of soft durable foam for a safe spin and cool catches with awesome accuracy. Try playing a game of catch, monkey in the middle, or engage in a ring war with other Zyclone launcher owners. It's even a great device for a modified game of Horseshoes. Using your imagination, there's a lot you can do with the Zyclone, such as spy missions or battling alien invaders.
Who It’s For
Due to its soft, foam design and easy use, the Firetek Zyclone is for ages 6 and up. Older kids will also like the blaster and light-up elements as they'll be able to keep playing as it gets darker outside. When they're running around for action play or using the launcher as part of an imaginative adventure, this blaster has enough potential to be great for kids to use into their tween years.
What To Be Aware Of
Being under the Firetek brand, this means that the Zing launcher and Zing Ring projectile glows in the dark thanks to built-in LED lights in the blaster and ring, so you can keep playing at night. The Firetek Zyclone launcher comes in red or green, includes one Firetek Zing Ring Blaster and one Firetek Zing Ring Flyer. The ring is made up of a durable foam that makes for a safe and fun experience. There is no assembly required and the Zing Ring launches up to 100 feet.
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