CATchall Review (Primetime Petz)

What It Is

The Hauspanther Catchall Cat Scratching Post combines climbing, scratching and play for your cat with convenient storage for you. The fashionable multi-functional wall-mounted scratcher and perch comes with a plush toy and storage inside for cat toys and other items. The Catchall Cat Scratching Post comes in a variety of colors and measures 15.5"x 9"x 8". 

Is It Fun?

Yes, The Hauspanther Catchall Cat Scratching Post is a fun product to have and keep all your cat toys and products contained in your home. It's also great because it functions as a unit for your cat to interact with because of the dangling toy and scratcher. 

Who It’s For

The Hauspanther Catchall Cat Scratching Post is fantastic for anyone that wants to blend their cat products with the decor of their home. This chic design allows you to easily store your cat toys in a multi-functional wall-mounted unit! Great for your design savvy pet owners! 

What To Be Aware Of

The Hauspanther Catchall Cat Scratching Post was a little bit challenging for me to put together but once it was together, it's a sturdy wall unit. It measures 15.5"x 9"x 8" and weighs about 6.9 lbs. It's heavy and requires you to have a sturdy way to mount it to your wall to ensure the safety of your pet. 

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    Medium Difficulty