The Powerpuff Girls Blossom Aura Power Pod Review (Spin Master)

The Powerpuff Girls Blossom Aura Power Pod
What It Is

Blossom and the girls are back and ready to take down destructive villains with their new Aura Power Pods. The Aura Power Pod is a small, wheeled mechanism that functions like a car. Once it's revved and ready to go, Blossom will blast through a wall and get rid of the notorious Pack Rat in one swift crash! Each Aura Power Pod set comes with one Aura Power Pod, one Blossom mini-figurine, one collapsible wall, and one Pack Rat villain. To save the day, simply insert the miniature figurine of Blossom into the clear, plastic holder and snap the Aura Power Pod shut. Combine the two wall sides and place the villain anywhere you like; atop the wall, behind it, or in front. Swiftly pull Blossom's Aura Power Pod towards you and then release it. Aim well and watch the pod race into the wall, crash through, and knock the greedy Pack Rat out of the way!

Is It Fun?
The Powerpuff Girls have always celebrated and encouraged Girl Power and these Aura Power Pods are sure to continue that tradition. Blossom's Aura Power Pod gives kids a chance to experience the strength and fierceness that The Powerpuff Girls are famous for. Nothing will stop these pint-sized heroines, not even bigger, scarier villains--and that's an empowering message for the next generation of Powerpuff Girl fans. There's something very satisfying about crashing through walls and stopping the bad guy; kids will enjoy blasting into Pack Rat over and over again.
Who It’s For

The Blossom Aura Power Pod is for kids, ages 3 and up. Fans of the original Powerpuff Girls television series on Cartoon Network will like to see the little superheroes return to bringing down the bad guys and girls. The next generation of Powerpuff Girl fans, those who will get to know the girls through the 2016 television reboot of the series from Cartoon Network Studios, will really enjoy the Blossom Aura Power Pod. The removable mini-figurine of Blossom would also make an excellent addition to aPowerpuff Girls collection.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Aura Power Pod is sold separately. Collect all three from Spin Master.

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    Medium Difficulty