Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub Review (Build-A-Bear Workshop)

Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub
What It Is

Build a super cute teddy bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop with Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub. This teddy bear is 15-inches tall and features soft light tan fur with dark paw pads as an accent. The bear's face features embroidered brown eyes and an embroidered smile with a dark brown nose. There's even a cute little bear tail on its bottom. On the bear's right paw, you'll find the red and white Build-a-Bear Workshop paw logo. The Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub bear doesn't come with any clothing or accessories, but in true Build-A-Bear Workshop fashion, you can purchase clothing and accessories to customize the bear separately.

Is It Fun?

This teddy bear is cute and soft--what you'd expect from a basic teddy bear. But Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub comes with the in-store Build-A-Bear Workshop experience that lets little kids customize and personalize their teddy bear with clothing and accessories. Kids will really like creating a unique teddy bear that they can go on all sorts of imaginative adventures with during playtime and then cuddle up with when it's time for a nap or bed. Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub is the perfect size for kids to hug and take on the go.

Who It’s For

Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub is for ages birth and up. But older kids, around ages 3 and up, are going to enjoy the in-store process of building this teddy bear just the way they want it. It's a nice basic teddy bear that can be dressed up and turned into a one-of-a-kind character or just played and cuddled with on its own. And it's a good size for little kids to hug and take on the go.

What To Be Aware Of

The Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub is available at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and can be purchased online at If you purchase online, you can still enjoy the in-store bear-building experience. Just choose to order the bear unstuffed when you check out, and then bring the unstuffed bear to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop to stuff it and customize it further in the store.

Additional clothing and accessories for the Lil' Vanilla Bean Cub are sold separately.

Other basic $12 teddy bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop include Lil' Hazelnut Cub with dark brown fur. That bear is sold separately.

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