Cat Caves Review (Walking Palm)

Cat Caves
What It Is
The Walking Palm Cat Cave is a uniquely designed cat bed that creates a comfortable sleeping and burrowing place for cats. Cats are naturally drawn to the scent of all-natural wool, so they will love The Walking Palm Cat Caves handmade out of felted merino wool. The Walking Palm Cat Caves create a personal enclosed place for your kitty to have a little place of their own to retreat to when they want to relax and catch a cat nap. The Walking Palm Cat Caves come in a variety of colors and styles. 
Why Is It Useful?
The Cat Caves are fun because they are a uniquely designed cat bed that cats will enjoy getting some much needed sleep during their day! They come in a fun array of colors so cat owners can pick their favorite to best suit their home. 
Who It’s For
The Cat Caves are perfect for that kitty that loves to sleep and snuggle up in cozy and dark spaces. This innovative cat bed was designed to fit the needs and instincts of most cats to cuddle up into a comfortable little hideaway and get some sleep. Cats that love to hide out in and will love the cat cave! 
What To Be Aware Of
After a while the wool may start to wear a little bit. Make sure to spot clean and keep up with any loose fibers so cats do not begin to ingest. Walking Palm Cat Caves fit cats up to 16 pounds. They measure about 15 - 17 inches in width and about 8-9 inches in height. The opening is about 7-8 inches. 
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