Dinkee Linkee for Kids Review (Bananagrams)

Dinkee Linkee for Kids
What It Is

Dinkee: Linkee for Kids is a self-described "shouty-outy trivia game for kids". And if you've ever played or are familiar with Linkee, this is an easier version of the trivia card game for kids. The game comes with more than 400 questions, a pad of paper, and pencils.

If you are playing with three or more players: split up into three or more teams. One team begins the game by drawing a card to read--that team cannot play for the card during this round. As the card is read, players on opposing teams write down their answers to the questions one through four on the card, but keep them secret. As soon as your team figures out not only the clues but the link between them shout out, “Dinkee!” and say the link to win. You can shout it out at any time, even after question one if you dare, however get it wrong and your team is out for the rest of the round. 

Each card features a letter on its reverse side. Gather up all the letters you need to spell out DINKEE to win the game. 

Is It Fun?
This is a fun new version of that game that, while still challenging enough for adults to play along, is definitely geared to make the gameplay more simplified in terms of vocabulary for younger kids. We also love that with 400-plus questions, there is a lot of repeat play value to this game. There is also a bit of randomization to it because depending on how the letters are sorted, you never know how long it will take you to collect all the letters you need to spell out DINKEE. 

As the directions also suggest, while DINKEE can be played as a two-player game, it's much more fun when played with more players. As a two-player game, it also creates a disadvantage to whichever player reads second in a given round.

Who It’s For
Dinkee: Linkee for Kids is for ages 8 and up from Bananagrams. The game can be played with as little as two players and as many as 30, so it is a good one to break out at parties and in social settings.
What To Be Aware Of
If you reach the end of the clues and no one can figure it out, draw a new card and try again.

If a team collects more of a letter than they need they can trade those letters in. For a two-letter trade, place two back in the box along with a choice of a letter from another team. 

If you do a three-letter trade-in, place three back in the box and take one letter you really need to spell out DINKEE. 

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