Coop Reactorz Soccer Ball Review (SwimWays)

Coop Reactorz Soccer Ball
What It Is

Take your soccer play to the extreme with the Coop Reactorz Soccer Ball. It's an everyday soccer ball with some really snazzy upgrades. Every time you kick, bounce, or toss this ball, it lights up. Bright LED lights make the ball glow on impact or movement. This is especially fun at night, but really fun for any time. The micro-prism inner core refracts the light for a super-cool effect while the grip outer shield adds texture while also making it easy for kids to throw and catch this ball.

Is It Fun?
The soccer ball's glowing core alone is going to encourage kids to go out and play, day or night. It isn't as hard as standard soccer balls and can be caught easier thanks to the outer shield. This makes it perfect for kickball games and is sure to be enjoyed by kids of all ages. The outer shield's pattern looks cool on its own, but the LED lights that make the Coop Reactorz Soccer Ball's micro-prism inner core do its thing help give it that sleek, cyber design.
Who It’s For
Recommended for ages 5 and up, the Coop Reactorz Soccer Ball is sure to get kids outside and active. It helps reinforce motor skills and getting the heart rate up for some cardio fun. The sun goes down and the lights on this ball go up. The glowing core makes it easy to keep track of where the ball goes in night settings. It will also help you keep track of your kids when it starts to get dark at the park. Older kids will also enjoy this interesting take on the traditional soccer ball as they'll be able to practice their kicks and goals whenever they like.
What To Be Aware Of
The Coop Reactorz Soccer Ball is perfect for night use and is available in three colors (Atomic Core/Plasma Shield, Lava Core/Laser Shield, and Ice Core/Biogreen Shield). The ball's glow is powered by long lasting non-replaceable batteries, which are included. The ball shown in the video is eight inches in diameter, but there are larger and smaller versions available as well. Each individual color and size is sold separately. 
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