Coop Reactorz Football Review (SwimWays)

Coop Reactorz Football
What It Is

Your neighborhood game of football just got the glow treatment with the Coop Reactorz football from Swimways. Just like the Coop Reactorz Soccer Ball, any movement, throw, or smack lights up this ball. LED lights inside the ball light up on impact or movement. This soft ball is for everyday play with rubber grip sleeves to help with catching and throwing the ball. The Reactorz football will certainly encourage kids to get outside and get active, which is always a win. Playing with this football helps all motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and is a really cool spin on a classic toy. 

Is It Fun?
The glowing core for the Reactorz Football is going to encourage kids to go out and play, day or night. It's softer than a traditional football and the outer shield makes for an easier catch. This is great for beginners who are just getting the hang of football fun. The pattern of the outer shield looks very cool and the LED lights that make the Coop Reactorz Football's micro-prism inner core do its thing only add to the "wow" factor.
Who It’s For

The Coop Reactorz Football is for ages 5 and up and is sure to get kids outside and active. It helps reinforce motor skills and assists with catching. Thanks to just about anything setting off the LED light, play can still occur after the sun goes down. In darker settings, the glowing core makes it easy to keep track of where the ball goes. It will also help you keep track of your kids when it starts to get dark at the park. Older kids will also enjoy this interesting take on the traditional football as they'll be able to practice tossing it around whenever they like.

What To Be Aware Of

The Coop Reactorz Football is perfect for night use and is available in three colors (Onyx Shield/Lava Core, Biogreen Shield/Ice Core, and Laser Shield/Atomic Core). This ball includes non-replaceable cell batteries that have a very, very long battery life. The ball shown in the video is nine inches in diameter, but there are larger and smaller versions available as well. Each individual color and size is sold separately. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Use

  • Value

    3 cell batteries required