Hedbanz Electronic Review (Spin Master)

Hedbanz Electronic
What It Is
Hedbanz Electronic is an upgraded version of the original Hedbanz, which is a fast-paced guessing game. Spin Master's new version offers two ways to play. In classic mode, simply use the gaming unit to keep time as you race to guess the word on your forehead through a series of "yes" or "no" questions answered by your fellow players. Team Party offers a new way to play. Hit the gaming unit and it will direct the round's guessers to one of three options for guessing: Ask It, Describe It, or Do It. In Ask It mode, the guesser is given the category for their card (job, animal, or thing) and then asks other players "yes" or "no" questions to guess, just as in the classic play mode. In Describe It mode, other players simply describe the word to the guesser without saying it--almost like reverse charades. In Do It mode, other players have to charade and pantomime the word. 

For each of these modes, the round's guessers keep playing until they either guess correctly or time runs out. In each round, the game switches back and forth between teams, indicated by a red light or blue light on the gaming unit. Points are earned for each correctly guessed word and extra points for quick correct responses. One thing to note is that a set of six question cards is included to help jump-start your questioning in the Ask It round. You may use some or all six cards for guessing if needed. 

Is It Fun?
We like the new updates to the gameplay, which cater to the different ways in which people think to come up with an answer. Some people might be better at having things acted out for them but struggle when it comes to having it simply described to them and vice versa. At the same time because you are restricted to either/or, it can make things either more tricky. Yet, it can help level the playing field since you never know which mode you'll get dealt. The game can be played with as little as two people or in multi-player teams--more players = more fun.
Who It’s For
Hedbanz Electronic is from Spin Master and it's for two or more players, ages 7 and up. The whole family will love all the wacky ways they'll have to guess their cards, and all the different modes offer lots of replay value to this game. 
What To Be Aware Of
To play Hedbanz Electronic, three AAA batteries are required and they are not included. The game features three modes of play where two or more players try to guess the cards on top of their heads. Included in each Hedbanz Electronic box are two headbands, 80 playing cards, one game unit, and, of course, the instructions.
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    3 AAA batteries required