Cut it Out! Design Set Review (TPF Toys)

Cut it Out! Design Set
What It Is

These might look like regular markers, but they do more than just color. With the Cut It Out! Design Set, kids can color and cut to make different paper creations. The set includes three Cut It Out! markers, a Magic Swivel tool, nine project sheets, a glue stick, string, a cutting mat, and instructions.

To turn a Cut it Out! marker into a cutting tool, remove its cap, place it into the Magic Swivel tool, and pull the end of the marker back to lock it in place. Then hold the Magic Swivel upright and place the marker tip onto paper. Press the Magic Swivel firmly down and slide the tool across the paper to cut. When you're done, you simply push the end of the marker to release it.

The Design Set comes with the supplies for creating a van, a gremlin, an owl, glasses, a picture frame, a tiger, and a hamburger. Kids simply use the Magic Swivel to cut along the lines as shown, and then glue all the paper elements together. Decorate with the markers (when they're out of the Magic Swivel, of course) and any other arts and crafts supplies you already have at home. The Magic Swivel tool can also be used on other paper so that kids can cut out other shapes and put together their own paper creations. Just make sure that you're always cutting with the paper on the cutting mat.

Is It Fun?
This cutting technology is pretty cool and easy to use. Kids will like that they can cut out their art while they draw it and create all sorts of layered paper designs. Nothing against scissors, but using the Magic Swivel makes the cutting process a little easier. And because you're drawing and cutting at the same time, it also makes the art creation a little faster. The included projects are easy to do and give kids some inspiration to create their own projects, too.
Who It’s For
The Cut it Out! Design Set is for ages 6 and up. This will be a fun activity for kids who like coloring and crafting. It's easy to use and adds a bit of “magic” to arts and crafts time.
What To Be Aware Of

Before you start cutting, make sure your paper is on the cutting mat.

Always make sure you're pressing down firmly with the Magic Swivel tool, otherwise the paper won't cut as cleanly.

There are three other Cut it Out! sets, including the Design Studio, the Starter Set, and the Theme set. Each is sold separately.

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