Red Buffalo Plaid West Coast Rain Jacket, Size 18 Review (RC Pet Products)

Red Buffalo Plaid West Coast Rain Jacket, Size 18
What It Is

The Red Buffalo Plaid West Coast Rain Jacket from RC Pet Products is an all-weather outdoor jacket for dogs. This canine coat has a water-resistant treated outer shell made from nylon with a red and black plaid pattern. The inner liner is made from a soft, fleece-like material that will keep your pooch warm and retain body heat. The coat has a high collar and also is accented with two diagonal reflective strips that go down the each side of the coat for maximum nighttime visibility. The coat goes on fairly easy with a Velcro belly strap and a Velcro chest panel that attaches to the neck. The coat is tailored in the back to keep it closer to your dog's body in order to maintain a warmer temperature.

Why Is It Useful?

RC Pet Products is headquartered in British Columbia so they know a thing or two about inclement weather and how to protect your dog from it. This jacket is weatherproof and affordable. Its design makes it fairly easy to get on and off. The jacket is comfortably light and will keep your dog drier and warmer for those times that the weather does not cooperate. The built-in reflective stripes down each side are a welcome safety feature.

Who It’s For

The Buffalo Plaid West Coast Rain Jacket is suitable for any dog. However, this jacket is especially good for dogs who live in cold weather areas where winters can be harsh.

What To Be Aware Of

The Buffalo Plaid West Coast Rain Jacket comes in 12 sizes and requires measurement for a more precise fit. There are other colors available from the West Coast Rain Jacket line. There is no access for a leash.

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