Green Sprouts Car Rattle Review (i play)

Green Sprouts Car Rattle
What It Is

Stimulate all of a baby's senses with the Green Sprouts Car Rattle. Shaped like a car with four real-rolling wheels and a non-moving steering wheel, this wooden rattle is easy for tiny hands to hold thanks to the green carry handle on top. The yellow and pink rings on the green handle move around and make a rattling sound when baby shakes the rattle. Baby can also push the car forward or backward, which is easy to do and a nice way to help with the development of motor skills. And the rattle's smooth surfaces offer relief for a teething baby's sore gums. Plus, the rattle has lots of bright colors from the blue wheels and orange steering wheel to the pink and yellow rings and the green handle. The body of the car has a neutral wood color.

The Car Rattle is made of beech wood and water-based stains. The beech wood is Forest Stewardship Council-certified.

Why Is It Useful?
This eco-friendly rattle has a wonderfully simple design that will appeal to parents and gift-givers who are looking for baby toys without lots of bells and whistles. Its bright colors will be very visually stimulating for baby, while pushing the car and moving the rings along the handle are great ways to develop a baby's fine motor skills. Plus, it's made from sustainable wood, so eco-conscious parents will like that it's safe for the environment and safe for baby to put in his mouth.
Who It’s For
The Green Sprouts Car Rattle is for ages 6 months and up. While it will be fun for a baby to play with and chew on, its eco-friendly design will appeal to parents who are concerned about the toys their baby is putting in his mouth. And its simple design will appeal to parents and gift-givers who are looking for classic baby toys without lots of bells and whistles.
What To Be Aware Of

The Green Sprouts Car Rattle is made from beech wood and is surface-wash only with warm water and mild soap. Dry with a soft cloth.

Additional eco-friendly baby toys from the Green Sprouts line are also available and sold separately.

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