Hexbug BattleBots Arena Review (Hexbug)

Hexbug BattleBots Arena
What It Is

Choose your robot warrior and send them into battle with the Hexbug BattleBots Arena. Modeled after fan favorites Witch Doctor and Tombstone from the BattleBots series on ABC, the bots have their own unique weapons and designs (such as Tombstone's coffin shape and rotating block) that help them crush the competition in style. Also available are Bronco and Bite Force, sold separately. These bots also feature tethered handles that activate unique weaponry. 

The arena, a scaled-down version of the show's metallic war zone requires adult help to build, but shouldn't take too long. The arena also has hammers in the corners that players can use to smash up their opponents with the push of a button. Although durable enough to take a beating, the bots are magnetically designed come apart and put back together easily, making for fast gameplay and a high replay value.

Is It Fun?
The goal of the game is simple. Pick your R/C bot and have it square off with the other(s) until it either gets destroyed by a competitor or the arena's hammers to become the last bot standing. By destroy, we mean the bots magnetic exterior plate falls off, exposing its internal system and incapacitating it. After play, the pieces can be easily reapplied and you can battle again and again.
Who It’s For
Kids ages 8 and up and fans of the Battlebots series will like this interesting and fun playset as they try to take their friend's bots apart as they do battle in some friendly competition. Whether they want to recreate scenes from the show or smash their bots to ribbons and scrap metal, they're going to have a lot of fun in the process. Fans of the series will also appreciate the arena's spacious size and detail that Hexbug has replicated. That goes double for the R/C robots.
What To Be Aware Of
While normally known for their STEM construction toys, Hexbug has partnered with Battlebots to create this fun, destructible playset. Based off of its season one and two design, the set includes the buildable Battlebots arena, hammer hazards, Tombstone and Witch Doctor robots, and two remotes to control them. Other R/C robot warriors include Bronco and Bite Force, which are sold separately. 
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