iHome Marvel Iron Man Helmet Review (eKids)

iHome Marvel Iron Man Helmet
What It Is
The Marvel iHome Iron Man Helmet Bluetooth speaker from eKids packs super sound into a small sonic space. When playing music, the Iron Man Helmet's eyes light up and his signature sleek red and gold look finish off this cool hero accessory. The speaker wirelessly streams music anywhere up to about 33 feet away. To activate the Bluetooth, simply press the button on top of the helmet and your wireless streaming and conversations will start as soon as the system connects to your smartphone. 
Is It Fun?
The speaker is perfect for fans of Marvel superheroes and make a great conversation piece accessory in any room. The sound quality is great and our favorite feature is that you can answer and end calls totally hands free via the speaker phone. Another cool feature, the helmet has the Avengers logo on the back to add some extra authenticity to the already cool look. Besides sounding great, the range of the Bluetooth signal is not bad either.
Who It’s For
This super speaker is geared for kids, ages 9 and up, and will appeal to any Marvel and superhero fans, as well as tech geeks looking for a new way to listen to their music and engage in hands-free chatting. If they're already watching one of the Iron Man or Avengers movies on their smartphone or tablet, they could choose to enhance the sound quality by connecting the speaker to their wireless device. This is a great idea if they're trying to multi-task while watching their favorite superhero movie. In addition to the hip features, the sleek look of the iconic helmet is something Marvel and Iron Man fans will appreciate.
What To Be Aware Of
The Marvel iHome Iron Man Helmet connects wirelessly to all smart Bluetooth-enabled devices. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is included as well as a charging cable. The helmet features Iron Man's signature red and gold finish and showcases the Avengers logo in the back. The helmet stands at eight-inches tall, 15.56-inches wide, and 18.32-inches long and plays audio from up to 33 feet away. Also available is the iHome Captain America Shield, sold separately. 
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