Monopoly Junior Finding Dory Review (Hasbro)

Monopoly Junior Finding Dory
What It Is

Help Dory find some real estate with Monopoly Junior: Finding Dory Edition from Hasbro. Designed for kids, this edition of the fast-paced property trading game includes Dory, Nemo, Hank, and Bailey play pieces. It also features 16 locations and characters that Finding Dory fans will recognize from the movie that players can buy (including the Marine Life Institute, the Touch Pool, and even Destiny, and Dory's parents). 

Like traditional Monopoly, there are Chance cards and although the setting is underwater themed, players still risk being sent to jail. Two to four players take turns rolling the die and making their way around the Finding Dory game board. In the Junior version, however, players must buy any unowned properties they land on (players have a choice in the regular version). Character markers that match the game pieces are used to mark the properties, making it easy to keep track of which player owns which location. The rent ranges from one to five Monopoly dollars with all the banknotes in one Monopoly dollar increments, making it easier for kids who are still learning basic math skills to count.

Is It Fun?
Kids will enjoy playing this fun edition of the classic board game due to the easy and fast gameplay, as well as the playful Finding Dory-themed cards, pieces, and board. The modified kid-friendly rules help the game move quickly. The small rent increments are also a great way to help young players practice their counting skills. 
Who It’s For
The game play is similar to that of traditional Monopoly but made a bit easier for the recommended age range of 5 and up. Fans of Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, and Monopoly will like the Pixar twist on one of the most iconic board games ever. It would make a great first Monopoly game for a child. Collectors of the many themed Monopoly games might want to add it to their collections.
What To Be Aware Of
Kids on the younger end may need help from an adult to both count the money, and read the Chance cards. This Finding Dory Edition game is a great introduction to the game of Monopoly, and would make a fantastic first Monopoly game for Disney/Pixar fans. The Monopoly Junior Finding Dory Edition game contains the game board, four Finding Dory-themed character movers, 24 Chance cards, 48 properties, money, die, and instructions.
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