Game of Phones Review (Breaking Games)

Game of Phones
What It Is

Cell phones aren't just for making calls anymore. They're for playing games, like the card game Game of Phones, which is, of course, a play on the TV series “Game of Thrones”. Luckily, there is no red wedding in this game, just lots of silly fun that involves your smartphone. Each of the more than 100 cards instructs players to find, show, create, or do something on their phones. For example, you might have to tell the judge's fortune through emojis, show the last picture of a person you took before the game started, create the most expensive shopping cart with no more than five items, or start typing a Google search and find the best auto suggestion.

You need at least three players, and players take turns as the judge each round. The judge draws a card and reads it out loud. All other players have 60 seconds to complete the activity on the card. When time is up, the judge awards the card to the player with the best response. Continue playing until someone has collected 10 cards to win the game.

Is It Fun?
You're on your smartphone all the time anyway, so why not use it to play a fast and fun party game? This game couldn't be easier to learn to play, and it's good for playing at home or even on the go. Some of the cards are really funny, such as “find an ugly baby”, while others are weirdly specific, such as “find an old wooden wall clock on eBay that costs at least $100”. And the game is going to be different each time you play because everybody has different stuff on their phones. This will get players reading old texts, scanning their photo galleries, searching the internet, and going emoji crazy.
Who It’s For
Game of Phones is for three or more players ages 13 and up. If you don't have a smartphone or don't know how to use a smartphone, this is probably not going to be the game for you. But for all those people who live on their phones, this is a fun game that just gives people yet one more reason to keep their phones with them at all times.
What To Be Aware Of

Though players are given 60 seconds to complete an activity on a card, no timer is included. The judge could, however, use a timer or stopwatch on his smart phone.

Cell phones are not included.

Game of Phones expansion packs are also available and sold separately.

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