Gift 'Ems Hotel & Spa Playset Review (Jakks Pacific)

Gift 'Ems Hotel & Spa Playset
What It Is

The Gift 'Ems Hotel & Spa Playset is part of the Gift 'Ems small doll collectibles line from Jakks Pacific. Gift 'Ems are all about creating international friendships, and learning about other countries and cultures through play. This particular playset comes with an exclusive Gift 'Ems character. 

Each Gift 'Ems character comes gifted in a small box tied with a bow. Pop the top off to reveal the playset exclusive boy lifeguard from Australia. The box unfolds to reveal additional information, such as the character's name and place of origin. This Gift 'Ems character is Jaxson Paxson from Sydney, Australia. The box opens to reveal a map of Australia along with pictures of the Great Barrier Reef, Australian beaches, and the Australian flag. 

The Gift 'Ems Gift Bag Hotel and Spa Playset unfolds to piece together a pool with slide and umbrella. The playset can also be used to store your additional Gift 'Ems boxes as the characters enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. 

Once playtime is over, the playset folds back up for easy on-the-go storage. 

Is It Fun?
We like that this playset serves double-duty as both a fun setting to spark imaginative play with the Gift 'Ems characters in your growing collections as well as a sturdy piece to store all your Gift 'Ems. The collectibility of this playset is amped up by the inclusion of the playset-exclusive Gift 'Ems boy character. 

And did we mention all the Gift 'Ems characters have interchangeable parts to swap their styles, and work as pencil toppers so you can also show off your characters at school? The multi-dimensions to play make this line unique from other collectible toys. 

Who It’s For
The Gift 'Ems Hotel & Spa Playset is for ages 4 and up. It will appeal to kids that like collectible play, learning about other cultures through play, as well as the fun theme of international friendship. Because these characters also work as pencil toppers, kids will especially like that these collectibles can be shared and shown off at school.
What To Be Aware Of
 A collector's guide was included, however the playset exclusive characters are not included in the guide. So while this character is obviously rarer than others in the line, we still wish we have some idea to the level of rarity. 

Additional information about all the Gift 'Ems mini dolls and characters can be found by visiting the Gift 'Ems dolls website.

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