Peppy Pups Review (TPF Toys)

Peppy Pups
What It Is
Sometimes the simplest toys can be the most delightful. Peppy Pups from TPF Toys is an adorable stuffed toy that walks just like a real dog and moves but there are no batteries and motors involved. How does it do that? Ingenious design. Here's where the magic comes in, when you walk him by pulling on his leash, his legs move and he wiggles just like a real dog. The bell around his collar also lets you know that he's right behind you at all times. It's also very soft so kids can hug, pet, and even use it as a cuddle toy for bedtime. 
Is It Fun?
Relying on no motor or batteries, the Peppy Pup is full of non-stop bouncy walking fun. The attached bells jingle and jangle as he follows you and kids will love how easy it is to play with this pup. Soft to the touch, the Peppy Pup is cute and huggable for children of all ages. It will provide lots of entertainment for small children and also makes a great alternative for families that can't have pets due to allergy or home regulations. 
Who It’s For
This is ideal for preschoolers who want their pup to tag along with them wherever they go. Best of all because there are no batteries, just a thick armature inside the dog, the pup is super cuddly and huggable. It also means that kids as young as 2 years old can, and will, play with and love the simple magic and irresistible personality of this cute pup. Parents will also appreciate the imaginative play the Peppy Pup will encourage in their children with its semi-realistic bouncy, walking action.
What To Be Aware Of
Although it doesn't bark, the Peppy Pup functions all on its own when you pull on his leash as you walk. It's a great tag-along toy for children and doesn't require any batteries or motor, so the play never ends. It's made up of a soft material and armature inside that causes it to wiggle and bounce. The soft and snuggly texture also makes it great for small children to cuddle up to before bed. The Peppy Pup is also available in a Dalmatian design, which is sold separately.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy