Room Nursery Center Review (Joovy)

Room Nursery Center
What It Is

New parents will always have a space for baby to nap, get a diaper changed, and play with the new Joovy Room Nursery Center. It includes a removable bassinet with a fitted, waterproof sheet, and you can purchase extra sheets separately. The bassinet will hold a baby up to 15 pounds. There is also a water-resistant changing table that holds a baby up to 25 pounds. When the changing table is not in use, simply flip it over so that it hangs over the side of the Room and doesn't interfere with the bassinet. And there's space for storing diapers and wipes so you can do a diaper change on the changing table. Store larger items in the big storage pocket on the side of the Room. As baby gets older and more mobile, you can remove the bassinet and place the mattress on the bottom of the Room for use as a playard. It has mesh sides to allow for breathability as a baby plays. 

If you need to move the Room to a different part of your house, just roll it along on its two wheels. But it also folds back up and stores inside its travel pouch so that you can take it with you when you travel.

The Room is available in turquoise, black, and charcoal. Each color is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?
The new Joovy Room is more than just a playard. It's an easy way for parents to keep everything a baby needs for sleeping, diaper changes, and playtime in one location whether traveling or at home. When at home, you can use it in any room of the house, and parents will like that it easily transforms into a playard as baby gets older and becomes mobile. We just wish that it had been easier to set up. The difficulty we had in getting the sides snapped together made us less than excited about trying to take the whole thing apart for use on the go.
Who It’s For
The Joovy Room is for babies from birth and up. The bassinet should only be used with babies under 15 pounds, while the changing table will hold babies up to 25 pounds.
What To Be Aware Of

We were surprised at how difficult this was to set up. It took five people to figure out how to get all four sides of the playard snapped together. There's a trick to it. Instead of lifting up to lock the sides in place, which seems the most obvious, you almost have to bend a side over your knee. And the same sides that gave us difficulty during assembly gave us problems during disassembly, so we're not sure how eager parents will be to use this on the go. Once the playard itself was assembled, attaching the bassinet, changing table, and diaper station was easy.

This new Room is different from Joovy's original Room Playard, which has extra features and storage space, and costs more at $269.99.

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