E-Z Grip Football Review (Tucker Toys)

E-Z Grip Football
What It Is

The E-Z Grip Football takes the classic shape and puts a big spin on it with textured rubber grip casing all around to make catching and throwing the ball easier. Available in multiple colors (yellow and black, green and blue, and black and orange), the E-Z Grip Football bounces on all surfaces and helps you with your basic football skills. The outer web grips are easy to hold onto and are also great for catching and throwing.  

Is It Fun?
Everything you know about a football gets an upgrade in the E-Z Grip version. The grips make it easier for catching and throwing, especially for younger kids just starting out. It will help with their motor skills and make the game easier to pick up. The E-Z Grip even bounces and it can be bounced across water, concrete, sand, and even grass when you throw it. 
Who It’s For
Kids, ages 3 and up, are going to learn the fundamentals of football much easier with the E-Z Grip. The outer webbing is soft and stretches so it gives them a better chance at catching and throwing passes. The ball itself is also soft and durable. This is a great outdoor and pool toy as even water can't stop the ball from bouncing when you throw it hard enough. Older kids and adults are also going to like the cool features this ball has to offer.
What To Be Aware Of
The E-Z Grip Football from Tucker Toys bounces on all surfaces and is made up of a soft, durable inflatable ball wrapped in a stretchy outer webbing. This makes it easier to grip and throw. The E-Z Grip Football comes in a variety of colors (yellow and black, green and blue, and black and orange). Each is sold separately. Also available from Tucker Toys is the E-Z Grip Soccer Ball, which is sold separately as well.
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