E-Z Grip Soccer Ball Review (Tucker Toys)

E-Z Grip Soccer Ball
What It Is

The E-Z Grip Soccer Ball is a cool creation that bounces on all surfaces. That even includes water, sand, and grass and it offers that same play as on solid concrete (just as long as you bounce it hard enough). The bright round soccer ball also has rubber grips all around with a super high bounce. Its unique design features a durable, inflatable inner ball that's wrapped up in a soft, stretchy outer web that provides an easier catch and reinforces the bouncing capabilities. 

Is It Fun?
The E-Z Grip Soccer Ball is a must for outdoor play and especially great for water play, as the E-Z Grip balls claim to fame is that they can bounce on any surface. Test the strength of the ball by bouncing it everywhere and enjoying a game of catch, kickball, and, of course, soccer with your friends and family. Perfect for picnics, the E-Z Grip Soccer Ball will be enjoyed by athletes and non-athletes alike. It's also available in multiple colors (red and blue, blue and green, black and yellow) for you choose from. Each is sold separately.
Who It’s For
This cool outdoor soccer ball is for ages 3 and up and will take up countless hours during outdoor hangouts. Because it bounces everywhere, you can take it to the beach, streets, backyard, and even your pool. Kids of all ages and adults will enjoy tossing and kicking the E-Z Grip Soccer Ball around and taking it with them. 
What To Be Aware Of
The E-Z Grip Soccer Ball comes in three colors (red and blue, blue and green, black and yellow). Each is sold separately. The soccer ball bounces across all surfaces and is made up of a grippy outer web combined with a durable, inflatable inner ball. Also available from Tucker Toys is the E-Z Grip Football, which is also sold separately.
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