Crush-It! Baseball Bat Review (Tucker Toys)

Crush-It! Baseball Bat
What It Is
Crush It Baseball Bat with adjustable power is a unique type of baseball bat. The outside of the bat is made of plastic strings that helps you easily control the tension. Adjust the strings tighter, the bat is firmer and ball travels further. As you loosen the strings, the bat has much more give upon contact and limits how far you can hit the ball. This set comes with one hard foam rubber like ball.
Is It Fun?
Sometimes your limited by the space you have to play, but want to still play baseball. The Crush It baseball bat can reduce the power in the bat so you can play in smaller spaces without worrying about losing the ball that comes with it. While it sounds great in theory, the execution could have been better, as it's tough to pull a ball because of the give the bat has upon contact.
Who It’s For
We think this is good for younger kids, or for families that are looking to play in neighborhoods or are limited by play spaces. While I normally wouldn't use this on a regular ball field, it could be useful if you had only enough players to field an infield. 
What To Be Aware Of
Use on the ball that comes with Crush It. also, we had a tough time pulling the ball because of the bats forgiveness upon contact.
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