Candy Stripes Highlighters Review (Mustard)

Candy Stripes Highlighters
What It Is
The colorful, striped highlighters in the Candy Stripes Highlighters set look like vintage candies, but they are actually usable highlighter pens. You get four in a pack in the colors yellow, blue, pink, and orange. Each highlighter has two tips. That's because the highlighters are designed to look like they're wrapped in candy wrappers with translucent pen caps on each end. But pop off the caps and start highlighting or writing to add neon colors to artwork, homework, notebooks, and more.
Is It Fun?
Whether you're looking for something cool to bring back to school or you've just got a hankering for something sweet, these candy-themed highlighters make a really fun addition to your supply of writing utensils. The colors are very bright, which is good for highlighting notes, and they would also add a pop of color to artwork, making these a nice addition to the arts and crafts bin, too. You can use these for schoolwork or creating works of art at home. Parents may even want to get their hands on some of these and take them to work to spice up an otherwise bland desk space. What better cure for a case of the Mondays than a brightly colored highlighter that looks like a piece of candy? No matter how you use them, they're going to look cute and make a yummy statement if you keep them out on display. They will make highlighting stuff really sweet.
Who It’s For
The Candy Stripes Highlighters are not toys and for ages 14 and up. These will be a fun and bright way for kids to color in artwork or highlight their school notes. But they are also functional highlighters that would be fun for mom or dad to bring to the office. If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll like the look of these highlighters.
What To Be Aware Of

Do not twist off the pen caps. There is a picture on the top of the container of highlighters that shows you how to simply pull up and off the cap.

Additional candy-decorated art supplies are also available, including Candy Colours Coloured Pencils, sold separately. The 12 pencils in this set are also bubblegum-scented and come in a candy-striped container that is wrapped up like a piece of vintage candy.

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