The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Action Doll Review (Spin Master)

The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Action Doll
What It Is
The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Action Doll from Spin Master is a two-inch plastic figure with a display stand, and a pet. Buttercup comes with a cute, yellow rubber duck that she bonds with in one of the episodes. Inspired by the Cartoon Network series, the cool figure is well made with a movable head. The detailing rings true to their onscreen counterpart, especially her signature green dress, and oversized eyes. The doll stands easily using the included display stand. It's fun for engaging in imaginative play, and will appeal to fans of the series or kids who enjoy playing with mini dolls and figures. Kids can use the Buttercup figure to fight the bad guys, villains, and monsters of Townsville.
Is It Fun?
The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Action Doll is a great interpretation of her on-screen counterpart, styled after her unique personality. The spunky fireball of the group, Buttercup is always ready to get tough first, and ask questions later. Fans of the show know she's got no problem taking down monsters like Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, or Him with just one punch. Little girls and older Powerpuff Girls' fans will appreciate the detail as they create adventures to keep the bad guys at bay, or recreate favorite episodes. The two-inch plastic figure comes with a pet rubber duck accessory that fans may recognize from an episode of the series where Buttercup and the duck bond. A transparent display stand with a color-coded bottom, which matches the character, makes it easy to display. 
Who It’s For
The Powerpuff Girls Action Doll Buttercup is for fans of the Cartoon Network Series, ages 5 and up, to act out favorite scenes from the show, or create their own adventures for Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom, sold separately. The figures are great for play or display, as each includes a display stand.
What To Be Aware Of
The two-inch plastic figure comes with a display stand and a pet. The doll stands easily using the included display stand but cannot stand on its own. Additional Powerpuff Girls Actions Dolls are available including Bubbles and Blossom. Each figure is sold separately.

The Action Dolls are inspired by the reboot of the Cartoon Network series, which debuted in April 2016. The original series aired from 1998-2005.

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