The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Action Doll Review (Spin Master)

The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Action Doll
What It Is
Help save Townsville from monsters and supervillains before bedtime with Powerpuff Girls Action Doll Bubbles from Spin Master. 

The two-inch plastic figure comes with a display stand and a pet accessory. Bubbles is equipped with her most prized possession, her stuffed octopus Octi. Inspired by the popular Cartoon Network series, this cool figure is well-made with a movable head. Bubble's details ring true to her animated on-screen counterpart, especially her signature baby blue dress, blonde pigtails, and adorably oversized eyes. 

Is It Fun?
Made from sugar, spice, everything nice, and an accidental dose of Chemical X, Bubbles and the rest of the Powerpuff Girls in the series are styled after their unique personalities. Bubbles, the artistic, sensitive, and sometimes naïve one of the bunch cuddles Octi every chance she gets. But don't let her cute persona fool you, she's got a Hulk-like temper that's strong enough to take down monsters like Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, or Him with just one punch. Little girls and older Powerpuff fans will appreciate the detail as they create adventures, recreate episodes, or keep Bubbles and Octi on display while she fights crime trying to save the world.
Who It’s For
Kids, ages 5 and up, will have fun playing with Bubbles and Octi on their own or with other Powerpuff Girls figures and playsets (sold separately). Bubbles and her other Powerpuff Girl companions Blossom and Buttercup will catch the eye of new generations fond of the current show and older ones who grew up watching the original.
What To Be Aware Of

Although the cute mini doll easily remains upright using the included display stand, she can't stand on their own due to her rounded feet. The two-inch Bubbles accurately resembles her iconic all-blue everything appearance from the show and comes with her stuffed companion Octi as well as a display stand that features a blue base with a clear plastic holder. For more imaginative play, Bubbles can be combined with other Powerpuff Girls figures and playsets. Each figure and playset is sold separately.

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