Perplexus Q-bot 3-D Maze Game Review (PlayMonster)

Perplexus Q-bot 3-D Maze Game
What It Is
Maneuver a small ball through a bunch of ramps with the Perplexus Q-bot 3-D Maze from PlayMonster. This unassuming little plastic box takes those gumball machine mazes where you roll a ball through some obstacles into a hole to reach an impressive new level in three dimensions of mind-boggling fun. The game consists of moving parts and 33 challenges that are sure to constantly keep you alert. It's not always clear which way is up. In fact, finding your ball bearing is often the hardest part. There's no picking up where you left off element either. When you mess up you start over at the beginning. 
Is It Fun?

Perplexus isn't just a clever name, as the snack-sized 3-D puzzle maze is incredibly challenging. To call it a brain teaser is an understatement. The brain buster encourages hand-eye coordination, visual spatial skills, concentration, and logic. The “perplexing” design of the tracks makes it look like a robot. Roll the ball to the starting point and then twist and flip the Q-bot to move the ball along the path until you either reach then or fall off the grid. The convenient design is also great for transport anywhere. When you're bored, the Perplexus is going to give your mind a jolt to get your head back into focus.

Who It’s For

Although its little looks give off the “youngster” impression, the Perplexus is not a little kids toy. Recommended for ages 8 and over, it takes deep skill and plenty of patience to solve, proving that one person's frustration is another's desired challenge. Curious adults and teens will also be entertained by the 3-D robotic maze's difficulty as they moan, groan, and rejoice as they engage in the 33 challenging obstacles en route to victory. This is also a must-have for puzzle and brain teaser fanatics.

What To Be Aware Of
Perfect for anytime, anyplace use, the Perplexus Q-bot 3-D Maze is small, light, and loaded with 33 challenges that feature moving parts. It's a great starting point for a maze, brain teaser, or puzzle collection and would make for a neat goody bag item. The ball rolling maze is inside the plastic box that you maneuver to get the ball bearing from one side of the path to the other.
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