Brain Builders Teethers Review (People Toy Company)

Brain Builders Teethers
What It Is

The Sammy Squid Teether and the Two Hands Teething Ring are just two of the toys featured in this TTPM video. The Two Hands teething ring has various textures for baby to chew on to soothe cutting gums and the Sammy Squid Teether squeaks as infants bite down on his soft body to help relieve their teething stress. The Two Hands Teether has nine options that help develop their senses and work on their motor skills. The teething toys fit in baby's hands and helps develop dexterity as they play and teethe simultaneously. 

Why Is It Useful?

These toys are great for engaging baby, working on motor skills, oral skills, auditory stimulation, introduces cause and effect, and is just great for early play. The toys are lightweight and easy for baby to handle but are also great to just toss in your diaper bag for play on the go. Baby's will be relieved with the teether's soft materials and will find comfort and distraction from the discomfort of their little chompers coming in. The teethers encourage play, develop crucial functions, and most importantly, help with this important phase in development.

Who It’s For

The Brain Builder Teethers are for ages 3 months and up. Babies and parents alike will appreciate the play and soothing features of these soft multi-purpose toys. Sammy Squid and the Two Hands Teething Ring have unique shapes and features that will solve issues caused by teething and make things much easier on sensitive gums as their first teeth come in.

What To Be Aware Of

The Brain Builder Teethers are made of soft, safe materials and develop both oral and motor skills as they help infants with their teething troubles. Sammy Squid's shape and texture is great for grabbing and teething and the teething ring will teach shapes and colors while improving dexterity. The teethers are also lightweight. The Brain Builder Teethers are each sold separately. 

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