Chewy Hippo Review (Cheeky Chompers)

Chewy Hippo
What It Is
From Cheeky Chompers comes a teether based on their lovable mascot Chewy. Chewy is a teething hippo made from natural latex rubber. The squeaky teething toy has a strap to attach it to strollers or a car seat harness. This is great for on-the-go play and will help provide distractions for both teething and boredom while you drive. The hippo's arms loop around to form handles, making this easy for babies to hold onto. Squeeze Chewy the hippo to hear squeaky sounds until your baby's teething troubles have subsided. 
Is It Fun?
The latex rubber texture is soft and provides your baby with comfort and can easily be held by Chewy's arm handles. The strap is also great to keep babies entertained on the go as you can put Chewy wherever they are. When you squeeze him, he makes cute squeaks that infants are sure to giggle at in delight. Chewy's main function is for teething, and his softness combined with ease of holding and squeaking help distract your chomping baby from any problems during this essential stage in early childhood development. His soft nature also makes for a cuddle buddy your baby will fall asleep with.
Who It’s For
The Cheeky Chompers Chewy Hippo is for babies from birth and up. It will entertain babies and help them with teething issues and discomfort caused by their first set of teeth coming in. Parents are going to like the texture, squeaky nature, and easy carrying options Chewy provides while their growing baby becomes enamored with Chewy's teething powers. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Chewy Hippo from Cheeky Chompers is a playful teether and sensory toy perfect for take-along fun. The product materials mention a soothing smell from this toy, but we passed it around the office and it was not very pleasing. You could wipe this down with some wet wipes to clear the scent. Chewy is made of a soft latex rubber and comes with a strap that allows him to be attached to strollers, car seats, and more.
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