Disney Tsum Tsum 3-pack Series 3 Review (Jakks Pacific)

Disney Tsum Tsum 3-pack Series 3
What It Is

Your favorite Disney Tsum Tsum plush characters are now available in mini stackable figures thanks to Jakks Pacific's Disney Tsum Tsum figures. Kids can collect, stack, and display three figures right out of the box with Disney Tsum Tsum 3-Packs. Each pack comes with a small, medium, and large Tsum Tsum figure. You might get small Iago (the bird character from the movie Aladdin), medium Fred (from the movie Big Hero 6 in superhero form), and large Pluto (Mickey Mouse's classic dog companion) in one pack. Keep track of your Tsum Tsum figure collection with the included collector guide. There are more than 100 figures to collect in series 3, and some of them are common, lucky, and super lucky. The super lucky ones are rare, so you'll be super lucky if you find them.

Is It Fun?
The original Disney Tsum Tsums were cuddly plush toys, and while these mini figures are not cuddly and soft like the originals, they still look really cute when stacked and kept on display. Tsum Tsums, which means “stack stack” in Japanese, have been super popular collectibles for a few years now, and these figures are a fun new way for fans of the original Tsum Tsums to collect some of their favorite Disney characters. They're already on series 3, so if you've been collecting the figures from the start, you'll like adding these new ones to your collection. But when you get three figures together in one package, it makes it easy to start and stack a Tsum Tsum figure collection.
Who It’s For
The Disney Tsum Tsum 3-pack featuring Iago, Fred, and Pluto is going to be fun for kids ages 6 and up to collect, stack, and display. Kids will like checking off these new figures on their collector's guides and adding even more of these cute mini collectibles to their Disney Tsum Tsum collections. But with three figures to a pack, this is a nice way to start a kid's Tsum Tsum collection, too.
What To Be Aware Of
Kids can also collect favorite Marvel superheroes with Marvel Tsum Tsums from Jakks Pacific. Those are also sold separately in three-packs.
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