Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Ice Dino Review (Fisher-Price)

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Ice Dino
What It Is

The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Ice Dino from Fisher-Price is a motorized dinosaur with lights, sounds, and lots of hands-on play. By turning three Power Pads, kids can get this T-Rex walking, chomping, firing arrows, and more. 

The Power Pad behind his tail makes him walk. The one above his left hip allows him to stand to his full height of 2.5-feet tall, and also activates the LED lights in his eyes and spikes. The third and final Power Pad opens and closes his mouth and fires projectiles. Each action performed causes Rex to explode with cool and unique sound effects.

The set also comes with three cavemen figures that can be placed on the Power Pads, in the driver's seat, which sits in the dino's mouth, or even in jail underneath the T-Rex. More interactive features include pressing buttons to launch ice boulders, and shooting claws from the Ice Dino's hand.

Is It Fun?
How could this not be fun? Besides the light-up spikes and eyes, projectile launching claws, and cool sounds, the Ultra T-Rex Ice Dino actually walks! Control him with one of the three included cavemen, put them in jail, or have T-Rex chomp, stop, and blast all three with claws, arrows, and ice boulders to bring devastation to the land. The T-Rex was always a force to be reckoned with and kids will love roleplaying that power. Even without using the three Power Pads, the giant playset easily has more features than most toys. Plus, it's a dinosaur, which is something most boys love.
Who It’s For
Fisher-Price's Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Ice Dino is full of epic adventures for kids ages 3-8. Their imaginations are going to run wild with all sorts of creative play. Kids who love dinosaur toys or projectile launchers are definitely going to have this on their wish lists.
What To Be Aware Of

Great for imaginative play, this is a super-cool, deluxe toy for dinosaur fans to play with over and over again, and in so many different ways. Four AA batteries are required but not included, and there's an ON/OFF switch located on the back of the toy towards the bottom between the ladder and the steering wheel. The Ultra Ice Dino has three Power Pads on its body that cause it to walk, make noise, activate lights, and extend to its full height of 2.5-feet tall. The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Ice Dino includes Ice Dino with jail, trap door, weapon storage, pterodactyl glider, ice boulder launcher, storage on back, tethered projectile claw, four ice boulders, and four arrows. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required