3-D Coin Art United States Flag Review (NSI International)

3-D Coin Art United States Flag
What It Is

Perfect for the patriot in all of us comes a 3-D Coin Art United States flag from NSI International. The 3-D creative puzzle holds 778 coins (a combination of dimes, pennies, and nickels) that totals $25 when complete. We built the display rather quickly. Completing the puzzle itself also did not take long, but the length of time will vary based on the amount of spare change you have in your house. After you insert all the coins, the display lid closes to keep the coins in place in the puzzle. It can then be mounted on a stand with the brackets to show off your stars and stripes savings. The completed kit makes for a great conversation piece and is a very nice visual presentation.

Is It Fun?

The 3-D flag piece is not just a puzzle, but a bank as well, holding up to $25 in pennies, nickels, and dimes. Simply clean your coins with salt and vinegar, put them in place in the tray, then snap and lock the lid. This is a great multi-generational activity. It can encourage families to get together and complete the set while discussing each other's days or American history.

Who It’s For

The puzzle/bank is recommended for ages 8 and up, but is a great gift for any patriot, historian, or veteran. Kids who are into history and coin collecting will like this unique display piece. Parents and grandparents will also like showing kids the value of money as well as the bonding experience they'll benefit from this group activity. If people don't know what to do with their loose change, they'll be glad it finally serves a purpose.

What To Be Aware Of
The kit contains a coin tray, a coin lid, a stand, brackets, coin counters, and color-coded instructions (which are large, descriptive, and easy to follow). There's also a decorative sticker to help make the display nicer and a space where you can notate your completion. Your 3-D flag holds up to 778 pennies, nickels, and dimes that total $25 when the puzzle is finished. The coins are not included with the set. Clean the coins in vinegar and salt before placing inside the puzzle. We recommend this step because it will make the display shiny so it looks even better.
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