Finding Dory Swimming Bailey Review (Zuru)

Finding Dory Swimming Bailey
What It Is

Inspired by Disney/Pixar's Finding Dory, the Swimming Bailey from Zuru features a realistic tail fin motion which makes him appear to swim just like a real whale. Bailey will start swimming as soon as you put him in water. This is made possible by an easy to use water-activated swimming mechanism that turns on automatically. 

Bailey has a "power save" mode, which activates automatically once he's been swimming for one minute. This will completely stop all of Bailey's swimming functions until you remove, dry, and place Dory's beluga friend back in the water. You can also stop Bailey by simply removing him from water and drying him off with a soft cloth or towel. Due to Bailey's size (7.5 inches) and alternate swimming patterns, he can either swim normally or dive up to six-feet deep, which makes him an ideal pool toy.

Is It Fun?
Finding Dory fans will enjoy watching Bailey imitate whale movements both along and below water as he swims around in the bath or pool. Bailey's design and detail will engage children's imaginations as soon as they place him in water, encouraging them to recreate scenes from the Finding Dory movie or come up with new stories and adventures for the nervous, but lovable whale. If you'd like to make for a more interesting sight, put Bailey in your fish tank and watch him go from stationary to interacting with your fish in no time. Speaking of fish tanks, the Swimming Bailey toy will also make for great fish decor if you wish to do so. 
Who It’s For
Zuru's Finding Dory Swimming Bailey water toy surprises children ages 3 and up with as his realistic fin patterns help him move just like a real beluga whale. Fans of the Disney/Pixar film will like the novelty aspect of this Robo Fish concept as well as fish owners looking for a coral collectible to display in their tank.
What To Be Aware Of

Unlike Dory and Marlin, Bailey has two swim modes (swim and dive) and comes with two AAA batteries. Before going into "power save" mode, which stops his realistic tail fin motion until he's removed and placed back in water, Bailey will swim undisturbed for one minute. Other Finding Dory characters like Swimming Nemo, Swimming Dory, and Swimming Marlin are also available and sold separately. All Finding Dory Swimming Fish are fitted with technology similar to Robo Fish in order to move their tail fins back and forth like a real fish. Each fin-powered swimming toy is fun on its own, or as part of a collection. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AAA batteries required