SoapSox Washcloths Review (Philips Entertainment Group)

SoapSox Washcloths
What It Is
Tank the Shark and Harper the Hippo are two stuffed animals that are fun for cuddling but also transform into washcloths at bath time. To transform them into washcloths, simply open their mouths and insert your favorite soap into their inner soap pocket. You can use any soap of your choice, whether it's a liquid or a solid bar of soap, as long as it fits into the soap pocket it's fine to use. Once the soap is inside Tank or Harper, wet them with water, give them a few squeezes, and watch as they turn into a sudsy washcloth. As seen on the hit show Shark Tank, each SoapSox also comes with an optional hang-drying cord to use when it's time to dry Tank and Harper. To attach the cord, use the loop located on the back of Tank or Harper.
Is It Fun?
Tank and Harper are great for playtime because of their soft, squishy bodies. Kids can play with their cozy friends all day and when it's time for a bath, they can bring them into the tub as well. After playing with the SoapSox all day, bath time will not only clean the child but also the soap stuffed animals for two-in-one fun.
Who It’s For

This is an ideal product for reluctant bathers. Kids may even come to enjoy bath time more because of the comforting play experience SoapSox provide. SoapSox are also great for parents and guardians because they are easy to wash, quick drying, and made from anti-microbial sponges so you don't have to worry about collecting dirt and germs within the sponges. The SoapSox are designed for newborns and young children.

What To Be Aware Of
Tank and Harper are each sold separately, as well as their other SoapSox friends. The SoapSox are quick-drying and made from anti-microbial sponges. As seen on Shark Tank, there are multiple uses for these soft animals as they can be used as cuddle buddies and bath time washcloths to make bathing a blast.
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