Disney Zootopia Police Station Headquarters Review (TOMY)

Disney Zootopia Police Station Headquarters
What It Is

The Disney Zootopia Police Station Headquarters playset from TOMY is a large playset that sets the scene for where all the action happens in Zootopia. Fans of the film Zootopia will love this playset that has all the details from the movie. Two characters are included to play along. 

Our favorite front desk attendant Clawhauser is his cheery self and, as expected, has a secret stash of donuts nearby. Also included is a Safety Squirrel and the mouse helicopter, which it fits into. Chief Bogo's office is neatly kept, and an elevator takes you up to the second floor, and even the roof. Press a button on top of the jail cell as the door swings open and sirens sound throughout the playset so Clawhauser and other ZPD officers can stop the bad guys from escaping. A projector simulates a computer monitor with three images of predators and security cameras.

Is It Fun?
As you can see, this is a great playset that will certainly inspire some action-packed stories based on the film Zootopia. Kids will enjoy creating their own ZPD stories while also discovering all the surprising details throughout this exciting playset. The many features of this multi-level playset will keep kids engaged in roleplay and imaginative play. The lights, sounds, projector, elevator, and jailbreak functions are great additions and details that will be appreciated by all fans of Zootopia.
Who It’s For
The Zootopia Police Station Headquarters is for ages 3 and up. Kids and fans of Zootopia will love all the cool aspects this large playset has to offer. The elevator takes you to the top of the station while detailed elements like Chief Bogo's office make for nice scenery to help inspire Zootopia-themed roleplay. Don't be surprised if you see your kids watching the movie as they play with their figures in this set. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Zootopia Police Station Headquarters from TOMY requires three AAA batteries. The Clawhauser figure is three-inches tall and features posable arms, neck, and legs, while the Safety Squirrel is one-inch tall. Both figures are included as well as the mouse helicopter vehicle. The Zootopia Police Headquarters Station is a three-level playset that contains lights, sounds, an elevator, projector, and a jail cell that swings open when you push a button. Officer Hopps and other Zootopia characters are sold separately. 
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    3 AAA batteries required