Rock and Roll It! Flexible Roll-Up Piano Review (Mukikim)

Rock and Roll It! Flexible Roll-Up Piano
What It Is
Tickle the ivories wherever you go with the Rock and Roll It! Flexible Roll-Up Piano. Unlike a traditional piano or even an electric keyboard, this electronic piano mat is cordless, lightweight, and made of silicone so you can easily roll it up to a size that's small enough to fit in a pouch. But just like a traditional piano and electric keyboard, it produces clear, realistic, quality sound and features 49 standard keys with multiple tones, including acoustic grand piano, orchestral harp, church organ, tubular bell, electric guitar (jazz), violin, string ensemble, and acoustic guitar (steel). It also comes with demo songs that you can listen to, record and playback functions if you want to record yourself playing a song, an echo effect, and a headphone jack so that practicing your scales over and over again doesn't get on anyone's nerves. The Roll-Up Piano measures 31.25 inches by six inches by one inch.
Is It Fun?
For piano players, this is a fun way to bring the music with you wherever you go. Whether you need to practice while on vacation or you want to easily meet up and jam with friends, this roll-up piano will suit your needs. But it can also be played with at home as an inexpensive and space-saving alternative to having a real piano in the house. The piano keys are easy to press, the sound quality is good, and it's got a lot of the same fun features (demo songs, other instrument tones) as a regular electric keyboard.
Who It’s For
The Rock and Roll It! Roll Up Piano is for ages 6 and up. For kids and adults who play the piano (or are in the process of learning), this is an easy way to make music on the go. But it's also a nice alternative to a traditional large piano if you don't have the space for one at home.
What To Be Aware Of

This comes with a USB power cord, or you can insert four AAA batteries (not included) and power the piano that way.

When the piano is playing one of the demo songs, you won't be able to play along because the piano keys become invalid.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AAA batteries required