Scrawl Card Game Review (Big Potato)

Scrawl Card Game
What It Is

In the drawing game Scrawl, players doodle their way to disaster. The point of the game is not necessarily to draw a perfect rendition of something and have other players correctly guess what you've drawn. That's boring! In this game, points are awarded for the most disastrous doodles and awful guesses.

The game comes with 60 double-sided Scenario cards with 240 scenarios. Each card side has scenarios in two colors, but there's no difference between any of the colors. Just choose which color you're going to use before you start playing. Each player takes a Scenario card of the chosen color and starts scrawling an illustration of what's on the card onto their clipboard. You can't use words! Scenario cards include “Skeleton in your closet”, “Giraffe limbo contest”, and “Darth Vader's day job”.

Once complete, everyone passes their clipboard to the player on their left. That player grabs a blank Scrawl card and writes down a description of what they think they're looking at. Then, pass the clipboards to the left. The next player to get the clipboard grabs a fresh Scrawl card and draws an illustration of what was written on the previous Scrawl card. Play continues in the same manner until everyone receives their original clipboard.

Then, players take turns revealing the crazy journey their original phrases went through by laying out the cards from their clipboard in order. Each player picks a favorite doodle or guess from their clipboard and awards one point to the player responsible. If an original Scenario card matches a final Scrawl card, the owner of that clipboard automatically gets three points. 

Once all the points have been awarded, wipe off the cards and clipboards so you can play again. The first player to earn two more points than the number of people playing (so eight points if there are six players) wins the whole game.

Is It Fun?
You don't have to have any artistic talent to play this game. In fact, if you're a terrible artist, then this game is perfect for you! It's a silly illustrated version of the classic game of telephone where everything gets lost in translation with humorous results. This will be an ideal game to play at your next game night if you've got a group of friends who wants to take a break from traditional drawing games and who likes taking party games to an inappropriate level.
Who It’s For
Scrawl is for four to eight players ages 17 and up. There is a “parental advisory – explicit content” label on the front of the game box. While some of the Scenario card content might seem tame, such as “Trapped in a phone booth”, some of the guesses and drawings could get a little risqué, depending on who you're playing with. And then, of course, there's content on the cards that is just not at all appropriate for kids. It's so inappropriate, we're not even going to print it here.
What To Be Aware Of

Scrawl comes with eight clipboards with dry-wipe canvases, eight pens and cloths, and 60 cards.

If you don't want to read through instructions, there are video instructions on YouTube. Just search for “Scrawl Rules”.

The free Big Potato Games app features a stopwatch that you can use if you want to make the game move a little faster by giving everyone a time limit for how long they can draw.

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