Suicide Squad 6" Diablo Review (Mattel)

Suicide Squad 6
What It Is
The DC Comics Multiverse: Suicide Squad 6” Diablo figure, from Mattel, is an action figure that is based on the character, Diablo, in the Warner Bros., and DC Comics movie, Suicide Squad. In the movie, Diablo, aka Chato Santana, is a gangster with pyrokinetic powers. The Diablo action figure is nicely detailed with the character's skull-like facial tattoos, and varsity jacket, which is made of a separate piece of flexible plastic. The figure is also highly articulated with multiple joints in the arms, body, and legs. The figure comes with two accessories. The Diablo figure's accessories are two sets of hands that snap on and off of the figure. One set is a two standard figure hands. The second set has hands with flames jetting from the fingertips.
Is It Fun?
The Diablo figure's detail and high level of articulation makes it perfect for bringing the character from the movie home. The articulation makes the figure very posable, which adds to the playablity and displayability. The second set of hands, with the flames, can be used to recreate the movie character's pyrokinetic powers, so fans can replay scenes from the movie, or stage original, action-oriented displays.
Who It’s For
Similar to other DC Comics Multiverse action figures for the Suicide Squad movie, Diablo is designed for adult collectors and fans of the movie. We think kids as young as 6 will have fun playing with the figure, even if they don't know who the character is, however, it's really the older fans that will want the Diablo figure the most.
What To Be Aware Of

This Diablo figure is part of the basic six-inch collection of action figures from the movie. Additional figures of other characters, including Rick Flag, are also available, and sold separately. 

Removing Diablo's standard set of hands can be a little tricky. The hands have to be pulled off of the figure, however, with the non-flame hands, there is not much to grab hold of. 

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