Suicide Squad 6" Collect & Connect Batman Review (Mattel)

Suicide Squad 6
What It Is
The DC Comics Multiverse: Suicide Squad 6" Collect & Connect Croc series figure of Batman is from Mattel. This Batman action figure is from the DC Comics and Warner Bros., movie, Suicide Squad. The six-inch action figure is nicely detailed and depicts Batman in a gray and black costume with gold-tipped gloves and boots. The figure also has a flexible plastic cape, and comes with seven accessories. The accessories include a second figure head that adds a gas mask to Batman's face. The figure also comes with three Batarangs, large handcuffs, a vintage-looking pistol, and a canister that looks like mace. This Batman figure is highly articulated, and includes an articulated torso in addition to the common arm and leg articulation points.
Is It Fun?
The DC Comics Multiverse: Suicide Squad 6" Collect & Connect Croc series Batman figure's high level of articulation--the figure has roughly 18 points of articulation--makes it very posable and playable. The accessories, and second head also add to the display and play value of this Batman figure. We think kids will have fun playing with this six-inch Batman figure, and older fans of the movie can use Batman to recreate scenes from the movie, or stage new action-based displays.
Who It’s For
This Multiverse Batman figure is designed for adult collectors, fans of the movie, and Batman in general. Since Batman is so recognizable, we think kids as young as 6 will also like playing with this figure, even if they don't know the Suicide Squad movie. Older fans and adult collectors should also be happy with this collectible Batman figure because it does a great job of recreating the movie character in the popular six-inch scale. 
What To Be Aware Of
This six-inch Batman figure is part of the DC Comics Multiverse Collect & Connect Croc series. There are six different figures in the series, and they each come with a piece of the Croc action figure. Batman comes with the Croc figure's torso. If you have all six figures, with their accompanying Croc figure pieces, you can connect the pieces to create the Croc action figure. All six figures, which includes Harley Quinn and Deadshot figures, are sold separately. 
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