Suicide Squad 12" Harley Quinn Review (Mattel)

Suicide Squad 12
What It Is
Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse, Suicide Squad 12” Harley Quinn is a 12-inch action figure of the standout villain, or anti-hero, character, Harley Quinn, as she appears in the Warner Bros., movie, Suicide Squad as played by Margot Robbie.

 This Harley Quinn figure is sculpted and painted with a large amount of movie-accurate details. Some of those details include the character's painted pigtails with one pink pigtail, and the other light blue. The figure also shows the characters makeup, jewelry, and the tattoos on Harley Quinn's face and legs. The 12-inch figure depicts the character in her familiar costume from the movie, and includes one accessory--a large bat with the words "Good Night" printed on it. 

This Harley Quinn figure has 12 points of articulation. 

Is It Fun?
The movie, Suicide Squad, looks like it might be one of the most insane DC Comics-based movies in a long time, and the 12-inch Harley Quinn action figure does a superb job of capturing the craziness of the movie, and this colorful character. This DC Multiverse Harley Quinn figure is incredibly accurate to the movie character, which is going to make the figure stand out, and look great in a display. The Harley Quinn figure's high level of detail set it apart from the smaller, six-inch scale version of the figure, and while kids can play with the 12-inch Harley Quinn, this figure is intended more for collecting and displaying. 
Who It’s For
Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad 12-inch Harley Quinn action figure is designed for adult collectors. We think younger fans and collectors, roughly 10 and up, might also want this figure because they are familiar with the character from the various animated Batman series. The biggest fans of this Harley Quinn action figure will be fans of the movie, DC Comics, and the Harley Quinn character in general.
What To Be Aware Of

This 12-inch Harley Quinn action figure is part of Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse line of figures for the movie, Suicide Squad. Additional 12-inch figures in this line include The Joker and Deadshot, which are both sold separately. 
The figure is sold in a clear plastic box so it can be displayed, without removing from the original package. 
The figure's articulation is mainly focused on the upper body, which limits the ability to pose the legs. 

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