Yummy Nummies S'more Maker Review (Blip Toys)

Yummy Nummies S'more Maker
What It Is

Make 10 mini s'mores without building a campfire with the Yummy Nummies S'more Maker. The kit comes with two graham cracker mixes, a chocolate-flavored mix, a marshmallow-flavored mix, a light-up campfire playset, a campfire spatula, a measuring scoop, a spoon, instructions, and a kitchen magic tray. You'll need to provide water and scissors.

First, you make the graham crackers by mixing the powdered mix with water and microwaving it for 20 seconds. Then, make the chocolate and marshmallow fluff by mixing those powdered mixes with water. Pour the chocolate and marshmallow into the appropriate compartments on the campfire playset. To assemble your s'more, place one graham cracker on the spatula and insert the spatula into the playset. Doing this will cause the playset's pretend campfire to light up. Slowly push the chocolate button on the playset to dispense chocolate drizzle, and then slowly push the marshmallow button to dispense marshmallow fluff. Remove the spatula and place another graham cracker on top. Then eat your s'more!

Is It Fun?

Let's be honest: there's nothing better than a warm, gooey s'more toasted on the campfire or even nuked in the microwave. This food kit aims to capture the classic flavors of a s'more (chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker) but it does have its limitations. Unlike a real s'more, the finished mini s'mores in this kit are not warm. The chocolate and marshmallow only look melted because the water turns the powdered mix into a liquid. The graham crackers were also soft instead of crunchy. And the marshmallow had sort of a chemical taste.

But aspiring young chefs and s'mores eaters will like that they get to make not just a s'more but all the ingredients that go into a s'more, and that it's easy to do with minimal help from mom and dad. The flavors might not be exact and the finished product might not look as perfect as it does on the box, but kids will still enjoy the food-making process and, of course, snacking on some bite-size s'mores.

Who It’s For

The Yummy Nummies S'more Maker is for ages 6 and up, and will be fun for kids who like s'mores and making their own food.

What To Be Aware Of

You'll need three AAA batteries, which are not included.

This says you don't need heat to make the s'mores, but you do need to melt the ingredients in a microwave. Adult supervision is required.

This can be a messy activity, so cover your workspace or keep the play in the kitchen.

Scissors and water are not included.

The food in this kit contains wheat, milk, and soy. It may contain egg.

None of the kit's components can be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Fun to Make?

  • Finished Product

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required