Yahtzee: Ghostbusters Slimer Collector's Edition Review (USAopoly)

Yahtzee: Ghostbusters Slimer Collector's Edition
What It Is

America's No. 1 dice game, Yahtzee has been slimed! This Ghostbusters-themed game has you shaking the dice in a collectible translucent Slimer cup. As you try to roll classic dice combinations like a full house or large straight, you'll notice you're using five custom slime green dice that feature the Ghostbusters' equipment on specific numbers (one is the Ecto-1 vehicle, two is a proton pack, three is the ghost trap, four is a PKE meter, five is goggles, and six of course, is the Ghostbusters logo). 

Just like in traditional Yahtzee, players may roll the dice up to three times per turn in an attempt to get the highest scoring combination for one of 13 categories. Players score a Yahtzee when rolling five of a kind. The first Yahtzee is worth 50 points. Any additional Yahtzee rolled after that from the same player, receives a 100 point bonus. Once you've got your combinations, record them on the custom score pad. Roll five Proton Packs for a Yahtzee with an inter-dimensional twist. 

Is It Fun?
From the collectible Slimer cup to the custom dice, Ghostbusters Yahtzee is a great take on a classic game. Like all of their themed games, the folks at USAopoly have taken their time and crafted something with fantastic detail. It shows that they have real fans of the beloved franchise manning the creative helm, which will be greatly appreciated by all lovers of these films. Whether you know what Ghostbusters is or just plain want something fun to do, Yahtzee is a great way to spend a few hours. 
Who It’s For
Suggested for ages 8 and up, Ghostbusters Yahtzee is something that is fantastic and fun for both kids and adults. From the design and references alone, fans of this film are going to have a proton-packed afternoon playing this supernatural twist on a traditional game. Due to USAopoly's attention to detail, it wouldn't be surprising if this game shows up at a Halloween party or Ghostbusters-themed movie night in the near future.
What To Be Aware Of
From USAopoly, Ghostbusters Yahtzee contains five custom slime green die that feature Ghostbusters equipment on them, a collectible Slimer dice cup, a custom score pad, pencil, and instructions. The rules are the same as a regular game of Yahtzee and this version references the original film very nicely. It's great for all Yahtzee and Ghostbusters fans and can be played either alone or with varying groups of people (there is no limit to how many players can get involved, although 2-4 is ideal).
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