Silicone Dining Set Review (Marcus & Marcus)

Silicone Dining Set
What It Is

The six-piece Silicone Dining Set from Marcus & Marcus includes Kid's Chopsticks, Placemat, Bib, Silicone Rubber Collapsible Container, Spoon, and Teether. The Kid's Chopsticks are great for little hands, and create instant functional chopsticks. You can attach other chopsticks to this chopstick holder as well. The Placemat is great--especially for babies; and the Silicone Dining Set also rolls up to fit in your diaper bag or backpack. When at a restaurant, simply roll out the placemat so your baby can eat directly off the mat. 

Similar to the mat, the Bib has a different animal printed on it depending which color you choose from (a red lion, green elephant, yellow giraffe, pink pig, and a purple whale). The Bib also has a catch-all to collect runaway food and adjusts to two sizes. The Silicone Spoon is very soft and can act as a teether as well as a functional feeding spoon. The Teether is great for baby to grasp and chomp on to soothe cutting gums. 

Finally, there's the Collapsible Bowl. This is again, especially helpful while traveling. Simply pop it open when you're ready to feed your child and don't worry about leftovers--a simple air-tight lid keeps food fresh and spill proof. This six-piece dining set is not only very helpful but compact. It's also great for on-the-go eating but also very useful in the home since it won't take up a lot of space and it's microwave and dishwasher safe.

Why Is It Useful?
The Silicone Dining Set is dishwasher safe, microwave, and freezer safe. The graphics are also very fun and pleasing to the eye, regardless of which version you choose. The softness of the set is also great as babies can teethe on multiple pieces while learning how to use chopsticks and having less mess thanks to the bib's pocket. 
Who It’s For
The placemat, teether, spoon, and collapsible container are all for kids 6 months and up with the chopsticks being suggested for 18 months and up. These are all sold as a set and each version is sold separately. Parents are going to love how convenient the sets fold and fit into their carrying containers and how little storage space this silicone set takes up. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Silicone Dining Set from Marcus & Marcus contains a roll-out placemat, a catch-all bib, chopsticks, a teether, silicone spoon, and foldable silicone bowl. The set takes up very little space and is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe so the set's pieces won't melt or burn when heated up or break apart when frozen. The dining set is also available in five colors which each feature different graphics and are sold separately.
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